Saturday, December 12, 2009

Winter has finally arrived! It's the perfect temperature for hot soup, homemade bread and fire places. The first COWS order came this past week. The co-op is offering produce shares to it's members this winter. It's a great way to get fresh organic produce throughout the winter without having to shop at Kroger. For the first time round, I think that it went really well. The selection was awesome and the amount of goods each share holder received was hefty. Using the goods from our Cows share, I have already made butternut squash with coconut milk... so good. Last night it was potato leek soup, with all co-op ingredients, I love that! Tonight we are used the beautiful Bartlett pears and made a gluten free pear crisp..... just pulled it out of the oven, I can smell it cooling off in the kitchen. Tomorrow I'll make Broccoli and almond soup, maybe some steamed beets. We also got one pineapple in the share, I'm still pondering what I want to concoct with that.
The Venerable Bean offered some great goods to the co-op shoppers this last week. Coconut cherry muffins, oatmeal raisin cookies, granola bars, chocolate cakes, gluten free brownies (my personal favorite)... and many other grand creations. Aaron does an amazing job!
I've started selling hand made knit and crocheted hats at the co-op, so far they have been popular with the employees, I'm having a hard time keeping my goods stocked....but I'm not complaining. It's fun, and I sure hope that it picks up. We also have oodles of fair trade hand made gifts, bags, calenders, tie dye, soap, incense, candles, wall hangings, journals, scarfs... ect..ect. Check it out!

Christmas time will be interesting down at Mountain Peoples, with not only me, but Lee Casto, and Meredith going home to be with family, Lee and Ash are going to be busy bees! They are such rock stars and so good at what they do that I know it will be alright. I think Darien will be able to help out and maybe some other wonderful people.
Anyhow, on behalf of the co-op I wish you a wonderful holiday. Eat well and take care of your body, take care of the earth. Be good to one another!