Thursday, January 15, 2009

Closer to Home

Mountain People's Co-op is continually striving to bring you products that are healthy for you and for the planet. Part of this mission is offering products that are made locally, and if a local alternative is not available, regionally. Foods produced closer to home require fewer fossil fuels to transport, and they support the local and regional economy. This week, our blog is showcasing two new regionally-made granolas: Antioxidant Superfruit Granola and Gluten-Free Vanilla Crunch. The gluten free granola is particularly significant. Specialty products such as this are more difficult to find, and we used to source our gluten-free granola from California, over 2,500 miles away. Our new granola is from Massachusetts: not exactly next door, but less than one-quarter the distance that our previous granola had to travel. Here is a review of these two granolas by one of our Co-op taste-testers:

Gluten-Free Vanilla Crunch
This granola is super crunchy thanks to cornflakes and (brown) rice krispies. It makes it very un-granola-like which is a good thing. It's a nice other option to have around. The raisins add chewiness but they're not so numerous that they're overwhelming. Three kinds of seeds add protein--sesame, sunflower and pumpkin. There is a nice vanilla flavor to this granola. I kept refilling my bowl and I'm already looking forward to breakfast when I can have more. I really liked this cereal; can you tell?

Antioxidant Superfruit Granola
This granola was very dense, due no doubt, to lots of really healthy whole grains. The density of the granola necessitates lots of chewing. It reminds me of muesili. A number of varieties of berries (including the power house gogi berry) offer antioxidant benefits. However, there is not a strong berry flavor (like there is in my personal favorite Blueberry/Flax granola from Mountain People's). If I were to guess, I'd guess that this one is healthier. But if I were to buy, and I plan on it, I'd go with the gluten free!

- Diane T, Co-op member, mom, creative spirit

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Shopping Ethically said...

I just bought a bag of Tres Rios chips--wow! I usually don't like to eat tortilla chips without salsa (and sour cream, melted cheese-yum). But these chips are delicious just on their own. Now I want to know how to buy these in bulk!