Monday, February 08, 2010

Stuffed Acorn Squash

Hello out there! Not sure if many people read this(post a hello in the comments if you do). I know that it has been neglected for quite a while. Hopefully we can bring a bit of life to this blog. My name is Aaron and I will be posting here starting now and hope to do so somewhat regularly. Likely to be a lot of food related posts and probably some things that are going on inside and out of the store itself.

This post is about C.O.W.S or Co-Op Winter Shares. Basically it is a share of organic produce throughout the winter months when CSA's are not running and the farmers market is not regularly happening. If you are interested in the program contact email Carrie at for details. The program is only a few shares in but the produce so far has been great. Pictured is stuffed acorn squash with white bean gravy. The squash, swiss chard and celery are all from the last share. Most of my other ingredients were also purchased at the co-op. Great northern beans, Earth Balance margarine, flour, onion, spices, actually the only item purchased elsewhere was the bag of stuffing. Yeah, I didn't make my own stuffing. I'll add that to my long list of things to make from scratch.


Adam said...

Cool recipe Aaron. Thanks for posting. I'm so glad you guys are in Morgantown! I will be moving to Morgantown in about a year or so and my wife and I are SOOO glad you guys exist. I will check back here often and see what you guys are up to. We are in Louisville and we have a co-op here we're are looking into and we are going to start planting in a garden plot we will be renting this Spring. My name is Adam by the way. Can't wait to check you guys out when we visit sometime or when we move there!

birdsong said...

Hello! Glad to see some activity is coming to the blog.

amy said...

hello, aaron! just found your blog. thanks for keeping it up.